Project Operation

Subject :


Families are the most important consumer group for energy and water sources. Children in the family members in the daily consumption of energy constitute an important audience.   Energy efficiency studies, with particular emphasis primarily at home, including children is located in environment energy by children efficiently in order to use our children's energy use and consumption raise awareness and children about energy efficiency economy of the country to contribute to the ensuring




Future family builders  already raising awareness about energy efficiency is a very important issue. In this context;

* Multiplier effect on the ten thousands of children learning to use energy efficiency, Contribute to the ensuring firstly household economy then country economy

* Energy efficiency explained to future generations of children to take an active role in ensuring project constitutes our goal.




Tens of thousands of children across the country, theater, cartoons, computer games and other visual activities done by reaching awareness-raising activities and the aim is to reduce energy consumption in homes.


Project Operation:


Our project will be done in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. The following applications will be implemented in collaboration:

  • Energy Efficiency Club
  • Energy Kid Board
  • Energy Kid Leaders
  • Energy Efficiency competitions

    -Energy Efficiency Project competition

    -Story competition for energy efficiency

  • Energy Kid Tent
  • Energy Children Says Animated Film Views
  • Energy Kid Sticker and Stationary Materials Design
  • Agreement with Toy Stores