From Past To Present Lighting Technologies

From Past To Present Lighting Technologies


Dear Friends, here from history to the present lighting tools!

First, all my friends like guessed, since the beginning of the world as a tool we use solar lighting and warming!

Then comes the fire is thought that an estimated 400 million years ago discovered. Fire both cooking and heating tool was used on both nights as lighting tool to make drawings in caves.

Later in the year of 4500 BC animal fat burning cresset were invented. The candle was discovered in the year 3000 BC followed by a cresset. Candles had been used in torches together.

1800 also met with the people oil lamps!

In 1835, James Bowman Lindsay initiated and as a result of studies lasted until 1879 finally the first light with electric current was invented by Thomas Edison.

In 1867, Antoine Henri Becquerel, whose work-field known as radio-activity, invented first lighting tool which can be defined as the first fluorescent lamp.

Led lamps started to produce from 1965. Led Lighting Technology has evolved rapidly since 1990. Nowadays all the lighting systems have become possible to implement as LEDs.

Did you know?

Led Lighting products provide %60-70 energy saving then other products which will use at our homes, schools!


How Does the Light Bulb Invented by Thomas Edison


Let’s find out who is Thomas Edison first. Full name is Thomas Alva Edison, the American inventor, 20th century’s the most famous inventor and businessman and 1097 patents belonged to him. Some inventions were not totally belonged to him, he invented with hundreds of employees whom worked together.

British Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison worked for the invention of the light bulb whom were unaware of each other and both of them invented light bulbs which were resisted 12-13 hours in 1878-1879. Edison wanted to invent a light bulb which everyone can buy easily and use long time!

Finally, after thousands of trials in 1880 he invented expected light bulb! And the first light bulb, which both health and safe light emits, was founded.

In 1883 made event called Edison effect, with this he thus was able to develop the production of incandescent lamp. After production of incandescent lamp, the use of lamp becomes widespread among the public.

(Thomas Edison and first lamp that he invented)


So How Should The Appropriate Lighting?



Friends the lightings in our desks or rooms should be downwards not as the form of sun. Just the needed place should to be lightened. We have to be careful that the light comes from left upwards while studying, reading and writing. If we use our left hand, light should come from right upwards!

For showing the colors right our desktop lamp should as daylight. This is especially important to protect the health of our eyes and not to be tired. While studying if we study in low light environment, our eyes get tired quickly and deteriorate. This condition causes some results such as not to see good and get quickly bored and slow detection. Therefore work environment must be lightened and we should be careful for not to be reflected light directly to the eyes!


When using the Lighting Tools How can we use our energy efficiently?


- Turn off non-used lamps,

- Take advantage of sun light and solar energy more,

- Use energy saving bulbs,

- Use local lighting instead of general lighting at home,

- Using less powerful lamps instead of more low-power lamps

- Not to make decorative lighting


Use our energy efficiently, support family and country economy, protect nature!


Let’s Change Old Bulbs with Energy Saving Bulbs!


We should change our lamps with energy saving bulbs at home. Hereby:

Slower global warning! Saving money and green environment!